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What Is Solar Energy?

b3_solarSunlight and energy is collected and converted into useable electricity. This is usually done by installing Photo Voltaic (PV) Solar Panels on  a building’s roof. For a specific location, the produced electricity supplements or replaces a building’s consumption, reducing utility costs.


  • Clean Renewable Energy – generated from natural, reoccurring, widely available resources
  • Reduces pollution, offsets climate change and dependence on foreign oil
  • Instant electrical savings and also protection from unpredictable rising future electrical rates
  • Supports local green jobs and economy


  • Funding for upfront costs
  • Ability to realize rebates and benefit from tax incentives (including depreciation).

Project viability depends on:

Site conditions:
  • Exposure to direct sunlight, build and roof orientation
  • Shading and obstructions (trees, buildings and equipment on roof)
  • Roofing pitch, conditions and material

Geographic location:

  • State incentives
  • Net metering policies: allows owners to sell access electricity during peak production back to the grid to further offset their costs and consumption.

what is solar energy

  • Pricing of project
  • Quality of equipment and workmanship

Electric rates:

  • Higher utility electric rates result in quicker payback
Non-for-profit (tax exempt) organizations:
  • Can not benefit from Federal Tax Credits and Depreciation write-offs.
  • Usually do not have the required funding needed for upfront costs.

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