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Solar Energy Investments From Talgra

Take your first or second look at solar energy investments.

If your organization previously considered solar power and found it cost-prohibitive, it’s time to take a second look. Costs, incentives, tax benefits and structures are always changing. But it’s not just about being economical or energy-savvy. You can be an inspiration to your community and lead by example. And make better use of what has been provided for us: the power of the sun.

Right now, with the Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) structure, it is an ideal time to get green with solar savings and benefits. Talgra can help simplify the process of implementing a solar solution with a long-term energy financing and comprehensive project and facility management. We are currently focused on project investments with not-for-profit organizations, especially in NJ.

Programs and incentives change quickly and open new opportunities. Talgra has developed solar financing investments in commercial applications for both businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

What is Solar?

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

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