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Invest with Values

Talgra created and sponsors Invest with Values.
Invest with Values
Invest with Values is a free educational resource that connects the dots between related investment areas including local banking, community investing, impact investing, and socially responsible investing. It includes a curated directory of over 300 organizations and resources that share the common thread of using money and investing to create positive change. In addition, the site hosts the first online discussion forum devoted to aligning money and values.

The Directory is available at

Invest with Values - Directory

Invest with Values - Directory search

The directory organizes topics, resources and organizations focused on:

  • Aligning money and values
  • Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing
  • Creating positive social and environmental impacts through money, investing, and business

Purpose of the directory:

  • Provide a framework and roadmap for informing co-learners
  • Connect the dots between related areas and organizations
  • Inspire a broader audience to join the conversation and growing opportunity
  • Foster open source sharing and increase collaboration
  • Contribute to achieving values-based positive change

The directory is an evolving resource.  Talgra welcomes your input, please share your thoughts and questions with us.  Feel free to share the directory with others.