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We believe expertise is increased by walking the talk. Talgra has its own growing portfolio of green investments. These first hand investment experiences deepen our own understanding and knowledge of sustainable investments which adds value to our consulting services.

Talgra invests for itself in critical components of sustainability. These are core and vital solutions to improving our health, building community through food, creating a new green economy and jobs, lowering green house gas emissions, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels to name a few. The investments save money and resources, provide sustainable profits, and broadens our understanding.

How we invest

We use a holistic and evolving process to guide our investment decisions:

  • Cultivating awareness and relationships
  • Intention setting to choose purposeful goals
  • Action taking and investing to achieve the goals

 Where we invest

Community and impact funds:

  • Well being
  • Natural resources
  • Local economic development

Private companies supporting sustainable agriculture:

  • Serving the lower Hudson valley
  • Energy projects for farms

Renewable energy and energy conservation projects

  • Talgra’s own capital improvements
  • Small scale solar energy for third parties

 Who we invest in

  • People who see themselves as part of a bigger system and community which they seek to support in return
  • They then become change agents and see investors as a co-creative stakeholders

 What our investment goals are

  • Capital preservation
  • Returns based on blended value creation
  • Create measurable positive social and environmental results
  • Each investment is a learning opportunity
  • New relationships
  • Increased capacity for sustaining change

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