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Immediate Asset Investing

Talgra helps immediate asset investing by advising individuals and organizations on solar energy, energy efficiency and resource conservation (energy, fuel and water) to save money and lower carbon emissions. There are many ways to make improvements, including behavior, process and technology. Programs, funding and incentives are constantly changing. Opportunities for significant savings are abundant and provide quick payback periods.

Talgra researches and guides these capital improvements for residential and commercial applications. Buildings are the biggest opportunity to reduce energy waste and produce savings. Up to 75% of the life time costs of a building are the inputs (such as utilities), the original short term construction costs are a small piece. Even with quick paybacks for improvements, we need to extend our outlook to a longer time frame. This starts at the design stage of any project, which will create the biggest benefit. Start early, look forward and reap the rewards in the present.

Talgra works to help clients save money and raise awareness while decreasing their eco-footprint and lowering the related carbon emissions.

We also consult others that are seeking to implement the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) structure and have agreement templates that can be customized according to project specifications.