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Talgra takes the mystery out of greener investments through sustainable investment consulting. We help you identify your values and what is important to you. Then, together, we find opportunities for you to use your money and investments to support that. To that end, we also work with financial advisors and wealth managers to guide clients’ sustainable investments.

Talgra’s understanding and knowledge starts with our own first-hand experiences of doing the work and investments for ourselves. Having “skin in the game” is a driving force in creating our approach to working with you, the client.

We offer consulting services in four areas to foster successful sustainable investments of your money and time:

 Investing for People, Planet and Profit

  • Guide investors to understand impact investing, define new measures of success and help craft customized strategies
  • Coach and consult individuals, foundations, and organizations on the opportunities and benefits of sustainable investing
  • Explore a spectrum of ways to align money and meaning from local banking relationships, to public securities, to private investments with social entrepreneurs

Invest in your assets for savings

  • Identify capital improvements (from your home to commercial operations) that yield significant savings and environmental benefits
  • Evaluate energy and resource conservation opportunities, and renewable energy solutions
  • Source cash positive project financing and creative structures

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 Financial Sourcing

  • Connect mission-aligned funding and partners for growing organizations
  • Advise companies and investment funds looking to raise funds and capital

 Strategies for business

  • Apply the principles of sustainability to your business for lasting success
  • Take a holistic assessment of your business
  • Identify ways to increase financial results while creating positive social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders