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Catalyze the flow of capital and personal purpose to cultivate a sustainable and equitable future for all and our planet. Nurture personal and collective well-being by aligning money and values through education, consulting and investing.


Talgra was formed by Brian Kaminer in 2007 after realizing a need and opportunity for a different approach in how we invest and create value.  From our inception we focused on investment opportunities that are socially responsible and which contribute to our community and environment.

Brian Kaminer, founder

brian-kaminer-talgraBrian focuses his personal and professional life on positively aligning the social, environmental and economic impacts of his choices and actions.  Slow Money has been one of the key organizations inspiring him to think, relate and invest differently.  Based on that, Brian volunteers his time in a leadership role with Slow Money NYC.  Brian has a growing portfolio of community and impact investments.  He is also a co-founder of Foodshed Investors NY, an angel investor network focused on funding local, sustainable food business.   Brian is a board member of the Slow Medicine Foundation, supporting holistic health and wellness. He served as board adviser to Gross National Happiness USA, a non-profit making happiness the new bottom line.

Brian has consulted on award winning energy conservation projects, including from the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission.  In 2010 he participated in the NYU-Poly Cleantech Executive program to deepen his knowledge of the Clean Tech sector. Brian’s background includes 17 years in the brokerage business.  As a principle of a boutique brokerage firm, his roles included Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Motivated by family and an expanding awareness of sustainability, Brian transitioned his energy and focus into identifying new opportunities for both business and personal development.

He implements solutions that realize the sustainable and financial benefits of embracing and investing in local food systems, renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Brian takes a strategic, integrated and holistic perspective to make conscious and informed decisions.  He achieves results by connecting the dots, building trusting long term relationships and skillfully executing projects and investments.

Brian is also an active leader and participant in town, school and not-for-profit organizations, all of which work to deepen his and others’ understanding of sustainability and champion change.  He continues to make changes in his home life to reduce energy consumption and lower his family’s eco-foot print.  Through his business, personal, and volunteer experiences he has developed a strong resource and knowledge base.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Vermont.  He has been a leader of community groups, including Sustainable North Castle (co-chair), Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium (NWEAC), and Green Schools Coalition of Westchester.  He participates (and occasionally presents) in many workshops, conferences and seminars on sustainability and related subject matter.  Brian knows that collaboration, sharing best practices, growing our understanding and leveraging our efforts will enable us to address the needs and opportunities of our time.  He believes that sustainability is an evolving process that requires global thinking and personal engagement.

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