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Consultation and Expert Advice On Sustainable Investing

Community, impact and sustainable investing opportunities now abound that generate integrated value — for people and planet.

Keeping money disconnected from values is a key contributor to the challenges that affects personal and collective well-being.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

-Albert Einstein


Talgra is a consultant for people wanting to apply new thinking to create positive social and environmental change with their money. We focus on the whole picture, along with the bottom line. Through investing, we align money and values.

Talgra integrates three components to co-create and achieve successful investments.

sustainable investingCultivation: Foster personal awareness of our clients in relationship to needs and opportunities. Nurture understanding to increase creative ability to choose wisely for the long term.

Intention: Choose purposeful directions and actions based on understanding. Create focus points to guide client’s personal engagement and effort.

Action: Help clients commit resources to facilitate sustainable change. Use investing as an enabling tool that demonstrates and supports values while growing value.

Talgra uses this approach throughout its consulting services and own investment process.

Take time now to review, to learn more about our focus and how we can help those interested in cultivating sustainable investments. It is time to apply new thinking.

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